writing Jews in Contemporary Britain Workshop from September 11, 2013

Link to Conference Information

From the English at Reading Blog  “A unique workshop entitled ‘Writing Jews in Contemporary Britain’.  Hosted by the Pears Institute at Birkbeck College, University of London, the workshop comprised three panels (two on literature, one on film and television) that covered subjects ranging from the importance of Hendon in contemporary British-Jewish fiction, to the Jewishness of Dr Who (who knew?!).”

Podcasts of the workshop are available:

Dr. Nadia Valman – Anglo-Jewish Literature and the Poetics of  Place

Dr. Ruth Gilbert    – Genes, Shmenes’: Jew-ish Identities in Contemporary British Jewish Writing

Dr. James Jordan  – Either/Neither or a Bit of Both: The Wandering View of British Television’s Image of the Jew

Dr. Nathan Adams – Lolita’s Hidden Heart of Jewishness

Dr. David Brauner – Fetishizing the Holocaust:Transatlantic Connections and Satirical Comedy in Howard Jacobson’s Kalooki Nights

Dr. Bryan Cheyette – British-Jewish Writing and the Challenge of Metaphorical Thinking


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