Month: June 2015

Ron Moody Dies

Ron Moody, Actor Best Known as Fagin in ‘Oliver!,’ Dies at 91


Dickens’s Fagin, a Jew, has often been perceived as an anti-Semitic characterization, but Mr. Moody, who was also Jewish, steered clear of stereotype. “Although Dickens describes Fagin as a merry old Jew, there’s no sign of him being a Jew in his language and actions,” Mr. Moody explained.

Others, however, saw his portrayal differently. Writing about the film in The New Yorker in 2012, David Denby said Mr. Moody played Fagin “in a way that parodies Jewish stereotypes by slightly exaggerating them.”


The Play’s The Thing: American Jewish Theater is Evolving

By Barbara Trainin Blank

American-Jewish theater has been making headlines in recent months, but not, perhaps, in a way that its producers would like. Instead of merely rave reviews of newly-performed or revived plays, the coverage has underscored disputes over subject matter and themes, especially relating to Israel and the Middle East. Read more...

Exhibition in tel Aviv: Looking to the North and West – From the East End to Golders Green

“London is a modern Babylon.” (Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister, 1847)

Curators: Avichai Halperin | Asaf Galay

“I look at Whitechapel and think to myself: if London is so cheerful, how will it be in America?!”

(Sholem Aleichem, “Motle son of Peisi”)

In the late nineteenth century, the dream of a different and better life led millions of Jews to emigrate from Eastern Europe to the New World. London, which in many cases was the last stop before their longed-for destination…Read more