Arts in the “Real World” (quotation marks) ! (Exclamation)

Arts & Humanities Matters

My mission (and I thought about whether I mean that word or not, and I do) in the coming months is to really dig into what the arts and humanities contribute to the everyday and the exceptional actions we all take as we live our lives.  In other words, what roles do the arts and humanities have outside the spaces that are designed to teach and present them? Outside the galleries, theatres, classrooms beyond the pages of a book or the screens of television and film.

This week my friend Miranda Colmans presented the argument for the economic importance of the arts as they are presented for themselves, but what does someone with arts experience, someone with a humanities degree contribute to the wider world? To me it is that beyond the PHYSICAL and the FISCAL in our daily lives there is  imagination and empathy, which I believe leads to…

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